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antarctica. attack in the west is put on the back burner by al qaida as the danes instead of the hearts and minds of those who have witnessed the ravages of the drone war on terror. we came here to try to understand how the world's been able to carry out large scale devastating attacks like the one that raided right here behind the rise of outside a young man and that the u.s. really understand what might be in this country. crush clashes across egypt playing thirteen lives as the country's military backed leaders continue their crackdown on the muslim brotherhood's protest against the upcoming constitutional referendum. and the older grad dreams for those killed in the terror of last r.t. talks the man who saved a nine year old girl remains gravely you. are
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you watching r.t. international with me andrew farmer. now al qaeda affiliated assassins have reportedly gunned down a senior yemeni intelligence officer in a broad daylight drive by shooting the terror network has been increasingly cornered in recent years by both government forces and u.s. drone strikes. reports on how it's forced al qaeda to adapt and evolve its strategy . it's a bone chilling video of the man driving this s.u.v. is on a mission to kill as the truck barrels into an army base in yemen's szabo province a sickening act of terror was captured on film. omar oh it was more than fifty two soldiers died that day but al qaida went beyond simply
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claiming responsibility it released this video showing computer generated map was in preparation for the attack in an interview with the bomber it even included english subtitles an al qaeda leader is then shown chiding a group of captured soldiers and to know that you and the americans are missing trench the american drones are in the sky or on the ground of the al qaida in the arabian peninsula was formed in two thousand and nine. eight into a breeding ground for some of the most high profile plans to attack the united states in response a steady barrage of the u.s. hellfire missiles but the shaba attack revealed a group that's still both organized and deadly the problem with the drones critics say is that they don't just kill terrorists and strike reportedly had a wedding party in the central city of raw dog tribal leaders from the area say mistakes like that help boost al qaeda ranks. in rudolph the
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tribes initially united to defend against al qaida but then we saw the drone strikes were killing innocent people which has pushed the tribes to sympathize with americans and to support them directly but the rise of extremist groups here in yemen is also related to the country's scarce resources water being a perfect example now in some parts of yemen they've been able to come in and prove the infrastructure as well as resolve disputes over water fulfilling the function of a state in the state's absence. that's. taking advantage of the chaos following the overthrow of yemen's president ali abdullah saleh al qaida was a. to seize large swaths of land in twenty eleven under the name ansara shari'a the rebranded al qaeda offshoot fought with more than just guns aiming to win over locals with basic services in this propaganda video the group has shown a string of power lines in a long neglected abhi on province although western efforts to crack down on
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traditional funding sources have been successful al-qaeda has since turned to a different lucrative trade over the last two years al qaeda in the arabian peninsula has extorted some twenty million dollars worth of ransom money and according to some estimates kidnapping has become the group's single largest source of funds foreigners can bring in multimillion dollar ransoms and in a country where nearly half the population lives below the poverty line twenty million bucks can go of very long way to person is a good thing maybe. in some times one hundred a. few hundred. among the. many citizens this will be business to do not necessarily because they believe in. the objectives of the leaders of these groups but just as a business and al qaeda campaign for hearts and minds may sound bizarre but experts
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warn it's a dangerous tactical shift it appears that they have stopped focusing on trying to attack the united states and the west focusing on building a presence in yemen. that will advance to local communities so that when the u.s. and the government go after them they cannot. become a threat of the. is that more of a danger it's a lot more. although when government offensive eventually dislodged ansal sure we have from seized land that doesn't mean the group is on the run this man spent years as a recruiter and if we to speak to me on camera without hiding his identity which in fact he now works as an accountant for the government. because many youth joined us willingly because they were looking for freedom justice and the application of sharia law in europe that they saw that surreal follow through on promises that was
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committed to yemen's future home a worrying future if the present is any indication the group stage a brazen attack on the defense ministry in the heart of yemen's capital fifty six people dead more than one hundred sixty wounded it's a bloody reminder that violence remains a key weapon in al qaeda as arsenal reporting in yemen fourteen and you see calf enough. of it now i'm in from the campaign group just foreign policy told us he believes the u.s. is unwilling to target prominent al-qaeda sponsors by now it's a multinational corporation so it has funding sources from saudi arabia qatar but a huge gap in western also because the canary islands with the funding that comes from the. country something we don't look at the western sanctions on iraq and how tightly their port and then ask yourself where the sage and on. earth
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financier's and then you realize well you know with the financing that's going to. to the sunni jihadists in syria this is with open collaboration that the united states and arabia are too entrenched so how can they crack down on financing. while further north in iraq al qaeda linked militants have declared an islamic state in the western city. government forces there have killed a jihadist commander but have so far failed to regain control over the area the militant advance came after days of fierce fighting in the region which is a hub for sunni extremists who value to topple the shiite dominated government since the latest clashes erupted on monday around one hundred people have been killed a third of them civilians became the deadliest in iraq since two thousand and eight according to u.n. studies defense consultant my own roof believes the roots of the crisis lie well
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outside iraq. well security is nonexistent in iraq the situation is nato created a division among the sectarian communities. and what's taken place is they gave power to the shia and no power to the sunnis so the sunni are fighting for a place in the society and in government the saudis are also sponsoring the. terrorists to create chaos in the country simply to eliminate the shia influence over or over over all it would continue unless the world recognizes that the saudi arabian. ideology of financing those scales needs to be stopped they knew to start and told in no uncertain terms that they need to rein in the. terrorists and unless this happens i'm afraid we'll see more of this. r.t.
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dot com have a special section dedicated to those killed in the numerous terrorist attacks plaguing iraq i discovered just how blind to the nation has been over the past year along with expert analysis. so to come on the program what does it take to get a medal at the winter olympics. cutting edge equipment for starters but above all ensuring there's enough snow to compete on we look at whether the white stuff is the right stuff to twenty four take. russia city of volgograd remains on higher with heavy police patrols in the streets and public places is the stream of mourners visit the sites of the two terror blasts victims funerals continue daily one more than sixty who were injured are still in hospital some are desperately ill with docs is still unsure whether they will all survive next the story have a nine year old girl who was caught in the first bombing. it was just another day
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for u.t. and wagner grads a main train station but suddenly at old changed. there was a loud clamp the force of it was so strong that it smashed the windows and the doors of the luggage room i got up and rushed in to help people it was the first of two explosions that rocked the city just east before the new year the blast of the station set off by a suicide bomber reached through a crowded area between the entrance and the security metal detectors. then i noticed a man in a girl's around towards the girl asked her whether she could breathe she was losing consciousness i picked her up and carried out of the station u.-t. saved a nine year old all following an ironic twist of fate she was there with her family to return train tickets as they decided to travel by plane in stat. she was so brave she didn't even cry i was talking to her all the time she kept
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saying that she wanted to sleep but she was just losing consciousness and i was telling her just don't sleep don't sleep. there was panic and horror in the street and two cuties some time to find an ambulance for the girl. i rushed to the ambulances but they told me the only take grownups and that i have to wait for the children's emergency to arrive i apologize now but i thought that time i broke down i started yelling at them swearing and finally they took her. as soon as transportation was possible the youngest victims of the volga grad terror attacks were delivered here to the childrens clinic hospital in moscow and currently doctors are battling to save their lives dr c. the girl has damage to her lungs her mother is with her at the hospital and her condition is stable but serious as the first shock of what happened fade it all disappear and started to look for their daughter's rescuer they even posters or
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call for help on a social network. please help us identify the man who carried out of the train station after the bombing on december twenty ninth twenty thirteen he told her not to fall asleep the girl remembers him has been asking about him for two days straight we really want to tell him thank you so. we will meet again definitely i will wait for her recovery and we'll keep in touch. on the question our team moscow. but i website more stories of survival including the youngest victims who have suffered in the double bombings in volgograd she is just three months old and lost her mother and grandmother in the horror of the second explosion online we tell you what saved her life. also that we are any a ship sent to rescue people on board a stranded vessel in the antarctic frozen mortis is pitiful and into the same trap
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we've got the details. so we need. shoes that no one is with to get that deserve answers from. politics. i. speak your language.
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programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the ip interviews intriguing story for you to. see arabic to find out more visit our big teeth dog called. nationwide clashes in egypt between police and muslim brotherhood supporters have left at least thirteen people are dead and i have a fifty wounded the group which backs the ousted president morsi was recently branded a terrorist network by the military backed government or details now from beltran. well these fierce clashes that have rocked the nation came after supporters of mohamed morsy called for protests in the lead up to a referendum on the egypt's new constitution on the fourteenth and fifteenth of january now the muslim brotherhood and their supporters in the form of the anti
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cure alliance and those who support mohamed morsi are boycotting this referendum as they say the constitution is just a mess and they are escalating the demonstrations as they go through to the fourteenth and fifteenth of january so egypt is very much bracing itself for more violence now so it will have already been shot dead today in favor human in serious in also cairo and alexandria a number of protestors and also students have been killed students here in egypt very much of the vanguard of the pro-democracy movement there detentions and their killings is sparking the movement to keep going further and people are very angry organism brotherhood as well are very angry because the government has in force a new occurring in law the protest law which sees demonstrations have to get permission from police before they can go ahead in addition of escalated on christmas day when the authorities decided to declare the mission brotherhood a terrorist organization anyone who helps them as a brotherhood in their marches or even has literature supporting them could get
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a five year jail sentences organizers of these demonstrations could face execution so there is a lot of anger on the streets and on the behalf of the supporters of mohamed morsi who is going to trial on the eighth of january so this is another event that's on the horizon angering these protesters on the streets and making egypt quite a volatile place we really with this constitution referendum and also the trial and horizon we expect this to get worse in the coming days. political analyst ivan eland from the peace and liberty center in washington believes that if the military government continues cracking down on muslim protesters egypt won't see real democracy anytime soon certainly the muslim brotherhood is no ideal group of people but. you know they they're they were elected by a majority of the egyptian people and if it egypt is to be moved to democracy i think they'll probably have to be left to rule egypt but of course they're not
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being allowed to rule and the military has taken over and the military seems harsher than even the mubarak regime which was in power before the arab spring started so i don't see much public support in egypt for the military government there's a lot of dissent and egypt that's bubbling under the surface so i think the prospects for democracy in egypt are virtually nil right now. still ahead for you this hour when adults life is the good life and we tell you about a new scheme that promises a policeman's best friend a comfy retirement after a long career in helping to call a criminal. now the stadiums are ready the hotel's prime but there's one vital ingredient needed to sochi twenty fourteen which is largely active all denies his hands but if mother nature can't quite manage a blanket of a lympics know there is a plan to bang explains. perhaps the biggest challenge facing so she's organizers
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is making sure there's plenty of off the one thing the games hunting without snow the new rosa haunted alpine resort to reaches out over five thousand feet making it one of the biggest lifts of mountains in the world concerns about a snow less the lympics were raised up to two testy benson so she had to be cancelled last february because there wasn't enough the temperatures here rarely falls below freezing but snow is being guaranteed and here's how sixteen million cubic feet of snow has been stored and europe's biggest snow making system is in place weather stations make sure the organizers know when they're going to have to act as mother nature themselves now we care for the field of play almost done so it's more than one meter of snow right now on the slopes so this is this is the main this is the main task there are four different forms of technology that have
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been used to ensure the snow a snow vault has been storing snow thought over and yet under special blankets keeping it from defrosting. there are hundreds of snow cannons scattered around the slopes they use water from the mountain lakes to make artificial snow a special kind of snow salt is also being used as glue when and if the snow melts and finally mountain gutters these pipes will gather snow falling at the highest peaks transported down to the slopes wade will get an actual boost without official snow of course technology is also being utilized by the competitors going for gold . i'm in charge of ski lubricants including solid and liquid ones we're basically trying to figure out which lubricants would provide the maximum acceleration in the saatchi snow so that later we could share our findings with the services that are supposed to prepare the equipment. russian skier fleets the
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olympic games professional athletes use custom made sports equipment to maximize performance and to make sure it caters to the exact needs the russian t.v. uses ski specifically designed and shaped on comping machines they take into account weight strength aggressiveness body type to size and to weight each is wax to make sure they slide faster than that competitive or even designated wes's on hand to help now that we've seen our snowboard go through the process of getting clean to we're now at the final stage of the stage we're going to actually whacks it we're using wax as well as hard and all you really have to do is this now what this does is that it covers the holes that are on the board and once those holes are covered with wax you then slide the hot i'm over it it's almost kind of like ironing out the snowboard and this is done for performance
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wise so when you're out on the slopes you're going to be foster with a little bit of cramp. every country has its own ski program made up of experts to help the athletes perform at the highest level each it's top secret and far too technical for the likes of me time to test out the equipment and the snow the artificial snow does seem different in texture but in terms of performance the difference is minimal but then again i'm not trying to win a medal. not enough no look around that. almost all the top of longer lodbrok not that far. and it's not just. very easy getting a last minute look over from russian president vladimir putin together with the prime minister he's checking out the hotels recreations owns and of course the snowy slopes will bring you more on what the limping city has in store as the clock
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ticks down to the seventh of february right here on r.t. international. so two more of the twenty fourteen olympics what's the stories like why is this so special as the russian resort prepares to welcome the world power the games should be the city's resolute into your life more sochi will bring you this is the moment they are reporting from a very cold snowy windy mountainous start beyond the olympics what to say. on our team. a quick look at some other news violence has broken out in chile during a demonstration to mark the sixth anniversary of the police killing of an indigenous student hundreds of protesters marched through the capital santiago before being dispersed by water cannon the policeman who shot the twenty two old was convicted of unnecessary violence but never went to jail and is still
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a serving officer. fighting in the central african republic is now forced just under a million people to flee their homes that's double the number since the start of december the u.n. says it's struggling to get a three thousand people that need it because of the ongoing violence thousands of african peacekeepers and french troops have so far failed to quell the fighting between i was here and christian vigilante groups. bangladesh is bracing for more violence during sunday's parliamentary elections after opposition candidates said they will boycott the vote a week of clashes between anti-government activists and riot police have there several people are dead positioned says the elections could be rigged and recent polls suggest more than seventy five percent of population think the ballot should be canceled. now they spend their life sniffing out crime and help put criminals behind bars so one police force in britain thinks it's only fair that canine
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constables get the same rewards as their handlers when they retire sarah firth now on a welfare scheme it's raising taxpayers hackles. they might be man's best friend but they're also an expensive piece of police kits well now for the first time in the u.k. and one police force has decided that police dogs should be awarded pensions when they retire under the plans nottinghamshire police dogs will receive that cost of up to five hundred pounds a year for the first three years after leaving the course there are twenty six dogs currently in service or working in the. for the police force for six or seven years when they retire with the dogs and police officers. and the police officer who is all the expenses and then i was kind of horrified that the police officer. but at
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a time when cuts to services have meant police officers out of work the taxpayer funded scheme has been receiving mixed responses it is a strange one on face value i think it probably does look a bit dodgy in these times when everybody everything is being cut back in the public service it just seems a bit strange that a police force is paying about the same amount of money for dogs but they do a very specialised function pretty important when it comes to. pretty important when it comes to public order a very very important in the battle against drugs but actually what they have their greatest. feature is that they're a very visible form of policing and the public really like see police officers on. scene so it's a really really important part of how british policing operates nothingism so police have defended the scheme saying that it's right and proper that the hard
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work that the police dogs do is acknowledged and it's fair to say that the u.k. is a nation of animal lovers some campaigners have blasted the scheme saying that to award dogs pensions as a time of austerity is quite simply you know what's coming barking mad therof artsy london. coming up next an international is the max keiser. order should say the kaiser of. not. is coming. recently the federal reserve system celebrated its one hundredth birthday you know that big con game that just a few years ago no one seemed to know about has been in place for one hundred years so let's celebrate the federal reserve by remembering all their accomplishments
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since nine hundred thirteen firstly they've managed to take the printing of money out of the hands of the u.s. government and thus out of the hands of u.s. voters i want it comes to money who needs to mock received representation anyways they also managed to whittle away the dollars tagging to gold until nixon finally said forget gold let's print our way out of vietnam and because there is no link between the dollar and gold the purchasing power of the dollar has reduced by at least twenty three times since the fed came into being lovely but what about the next hundred years well if the recent rounds of quantitative easing are any sign of things to come then we are going to be seeing a lot more inflation and big private bankers getting richer while we all get poorer bad people generally don't survive one hundred years but bad systems sadly can go on and on and on forever but that's just my opinion.
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just to look i don't have money just a little. there's a future with montana. new out with one time out with montana that infers that by montana lied to us from the start saying that mining was lice these are. their business sharing their profits that people assuming go to the people of san miguel are dying. we're asking the government to listen to what are the legitimate owners of our land where.
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they might be travel across the caribbean because more of our. officers and crim white uniforms pick up their golden cargo and like we called from nonetheless. there's no question that the united states has a history of. america and fomenting coups and sasa nations the cia has admitted they were deeply involved in their own through carbons and want to well in one hundred fifty three out of all of past major land reform. this was going to have significant effects throughout all of central america it was right around that time that they began to seriously contemplate a covert operation directed at overthrowing the government to. force central carried off by the us there were major business interests in the company that was my.


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